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Im lovin it!

Anyone who knows me would also know that I’m a fan of McDonald’s fast food. I can take it everyday with out any problems, mentally la.. I have no idea what would happen to me physically if I really at McDonald’s fast food every day.

I was surfing around last night and I saw this on the net. Then I blogged about it this morning.

Hehe what is that ? Well its McDonald’s Coke Glass Promo. Its free with every purchase of Coke® Contour Glass Meal. Yeah, I was wondering what is that Contour Glass Meal. And I found out that its actually ANY large meal plus a sundae (Chocolate / Strawberry). So you can get it free. There are 7 Colors. Apparently today’s color is Perky Pink.

Maybe its been advertised on the mass media. I’m such a hermit, I live online. Rarely read the papers or watch TV. But in case you have not heard of it. And when you get yourself a Perky Pink glass today(or any other color), do drop back in and make a comment. hehehe.

You can find out which color matches your personality HERE.

For more information on the offer click HERE.