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Collection of random rants and photos from my life experiences shared to the world.

First Anniversary

Time sure flies its been one year since I signed up with this web hosting service. And in about a week or so I would have registered www.randomshutter.com and officially have my personal domain. So far it has been a very interesting journey. I have shot many events, tried my bestest to update the journal as possible. Even tho these few months it seems seriously impossible as I needed to travel so much.

I still have no idea where I’m headed with this website. I mean besides a personal gallery and a personal rant site. Hehehe there is no monetizing this lil’ project of mine. Same like my other personal projects. Hmm.. probably a trend.

Anyways I think there is a few more years to come for this site. Hopefully I can document my journey here and share with all my friends.

Currently I still have a few things pending. Such as:

  • KLPF Photos
  • GRA Photos and some videos
  • Revenge of the Lu-Lian… photos… LOL!
  • Green International Festival videos
  • Sherene’s Photos
  • Ian & Jian Nin’s Prewedding Photos

Also I have yet to send the photos to the Penang leng lui, Shaled. *sweat* I really need to get that done! And send to her before she kills me!

Here are some useless and uninteresting stats for the site. Generated from the system.

Traffic overview, so the tracking started in August 2008. And if I’m not mistaken when ever I’m away, or busy, the traffic of the site also slows down. Interesting?

I think this is pretty decent for a personal rant site, don’t you think so? Then again I get more robot visits than actual people. But the robots visits were calculated independently(I think).

 And who is winning the browser war?  I think it shows right?

 How about OS war? OSX 20% that means I visit my own site 20% of the total visitors! hahaha! I guess I’m about 10%, as I know a few others on Macs who visits my sites, I hope they do.



PS. Do give comments so I can improve the site.

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