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great day

I’m writing this journal post from Ivan’s house. Arrived in KL on Friday night, been with Mickey Teoh and Jack Tan. Thanks guys for entertaining me. And allowing me to ride in your JDM hot stuff.The MR2, MRS and the rediculously poWderful scooby.

Anyways its now 6.20 am most of us are up and getting ready for Ian’s big day. Today Ian and Jian Nin will tie the knot today. Some of you may or may not know two weeks ago I was in Cameron Highlands, to take pre-wedding photos for Ian and Jian Nin with Alex, Jack Tan, and Mickey Teoh.

So we are suppose to meet up at Ian’s place at 630am. 3 more mins from now, yet not many have arrived. haha.

Anyways it looks like its going to be a long day. More updates when I can.