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Penang 2009 day 2

Day two was 30 May 2009 (Saturday)

Woke up quite early and waited to meet up with Shaled for our photo session. It was raining in the morning. Then she was late, her friends where late and end up we reached the location of the shoot by about 1pm! haha! While it was cloudy and gray, the sun manage to gave all of us a good tan. 

Mei Yen


Yin Yen



This is the nice jetty we were at

Post processed. A bit too much?

This is the other jetty. Just next to the newer one.

All 3 of them did a tremendous job. We shot for about an hour at the first location, then we tried to go find a place with rocks. But that didn’t really work out. The skies didn’t help either. So we moved to another location. With a quick detour to have lunch. Then we headed down to the, cemetery. Upon arrival, there were two guys there. One photographer and one other fellow standing and jumping off the tombstones. I call that disrespect!

Shaled was eager to take more photos, despite the mosquito attacks!

Mei Yen on the other hand couldn’t not stand it, and went with Yin Yen to the cars. Poor gals :D Thanks for your hard work yea!

After that Mei Yen and Yin Yen left. So me and Shaled went to the beach. Saw many wedding couples there taking photos. While waiting for Ken to arrive, we took some random shots.

Then Ken showed up. Me and him went for a Korean dinner at a Korean operated restaurant. Quite decent. Then went back and rested.

All in all I would consider this a great outing as I was able to take and publish about 45 pics. Now that is a lot of pictures by my standard. On a new camera body some more! So it was a very good day.

The rest of the photos are in the gallery.