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Round up

Gee, its been a while since I posted anything on the journal. Since my last posting I have been to Melaka and to Penang. It was consecutive weeks so it kinda put me out of place. I still have heaps of photos to review and post. Of course there are many things to say about my trips as well. Hopefully I can recall the details and thought I had during the time. Work has been smooth sailing but there seems to be a few bumps in the horizon! Oh well, time to brace for impact!

I have also uploaded many galleries of my “adventures” in the gallery section. Do drop by and have a look.

So have a look aroud, let me gather my thoughts and I have some interesting stuff to say. And for those who know me, they also know I spent a bundle of money in Penang for my new toys. Woot!


Keep looking at this space~