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Its like a never ending cycle. Ever since I got my first computer in 1992. I have been upgrading it every two-three years. And each time it would cost about RM 2,000 to upgrade. Last year I finally got pissed at the troublesome windows platform and decided to jump into MacOS.



My dad was getting all my left overs from my various upgrades over the years. And recently he kept complaining that the computer was very slow. Yeah, I know. I had two sticks of 512MB rams, and one died. So performance was not as good as previously.

He kept asking me to upgrade his pc for him. So finally about two weeks ago. After finding out the price I helped him to do an upgrade. This time it only cost just slightly over RM 1,000.

Which was pretty cheap! I got him a new processor, main board, ram, hard disk, display card, power supply, and dvd burner. It turns out I was quite out dated. I didn’t realize the previous processor my dad was using was a Celeron with LGA775 socket. The main board which I used was condemn therefore I bought the Celeron processor for him. And I didnt notice that the pins were no longer there! In the past the pins were on the processor. Where people always say it was made of gold and some people ‘harvest’ it for the gold. DOH!

I only realize the pins were gone. Doh!

The brand spanking new intel e5200 pentium dual core slay7 malay 2.5 ghz 2m 800 06. (try saying that 5 times quickly)


Looking back at the junk (leftovers) I have 6 hard disks (40GB 2x, 120GB 2x, 320GB 2x), 1 CDROM, 2 DVD burner, 3 dead mother boards (unstable) 2 processors, extra fans, heaps of cables, 2x 17” CRT, 3 keyboards, few mice. I must clear out all the junk one of these days.