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FPS Gaming

For those who knows me would also know that I love to play games. I have been playing games since my first computer in the 1990’s. I play all kinds of games from real time strategy games, puzzles, adventure and many more. When I came to play DOOM! (more info on Wiki) from ID Software I knew I had found a genre of games which I really liked. First Person Shooter (FPS) gaming. And I have been playing for as long as I know.

There are two main publishers which I really like. ID Software (DOOM and QUAKE series) and Valve Software(Half-Life). One key element that they have in common which I like was death match. Unlike mod games like Counter-Stike(CS) or Team Fortress(TF), while very entertaining as it required one to play as a team and co-operate as a team to win the match. I have spent many days and many nights playing both CS and TF. . Death match is basically kill anyone and everyone while trying to stay alive. There is no back up, and no one watching your back.

In the past, when we want to enjoy a good session we either went to a cyber cafe, or we bring our own computer to a friends place and challenged each other. Now it seems everything is moving to the “cloud”. What does that mean, well it means you don’t even have to install the game on your computer in the traditional sense. What do you need? You need computer, and internet connection and a modern web browser. You do have to install a browser plugin tho. Still pretty painless and no need to bring the installer CD. Bear in mind, its purely about game play, no storyline or fancy CG.


Quake Live Beta

I have been testing it for a while. I’m happy the see the characters from QUAKE 3: Arena. Everytime you want to play Quake Live, you have to visit the website. And it will inform you if there are new updates avaialble. No need to hunt for updates / patches.

The only problem with playing this or any online FPS game is latency. Definition of latency from Wiki

Latency is a time delay between the moment something is initiated, and the moment one of its effects begins or becomes detectable. The word derives from the fact that during the period of latency the effects of an action are latent, meaning “potential” or “not yet observed”. Even within an engineering context, latency has several meanings depending on the engineering area concerned (i.e. communication, operational, simulation, mechanical, or biomedical fiber stimulation latencies).

Huh? I can hear it in your head :P every time the player does something, it needs to send the information to the server and then the server informs all the players of the changes in the state. This is fine if your playing games that is not real time. Basically the lower the ping is to the server the lower the latency is. Which translate to smoother game play. I’m on Streamyx broadband at home 1MB line. But the ping was and has always been 300-400 avg. To be able to play a decent game the ping needs to be around 30 or so, well that was what I told. I have been subscribed to Streamyx for 5 years now. They never addressed this issue!

When will I be able to kill opponents from other countries (or be killed)? One of the main reason why I think no one really care to complain is because not many people would buy original games to play online except for WOW and maybe Diablo.

So for all you who can play FPS and not puke. head over to www.quakelive.com and register yourself. Its free!