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Windows 7

I was multi tasking between surfing, reading reviews on the new camera’s being announced at dpreview.com, selecting_ resizing and uploading photos to facebook and waiting for the download of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Episode 15: Tresspass to finish download.

When I stumble to engadget. Windows 7 SKUs announced. Hmm.. the industry have been saying that its almost ready and the alpha version is as good as the release version. In any case it was still predicted to go thru a beta phase for at least 6 months or more.

Heck, I had high hopes for it. Been following Rafeal Rivera’s blog on it.

So its now announced that there will be 6 versions of Windows 7.

SIX! ENAM! *replace with your own language / dialag*dialect (thx matt for the correction)!


Windows 7 Starter

  • Available worldwide to OEMs on new PCs
  • Missing Aero UI tweaks
  • Limited to 3 simultaneous applications
Windows 7 Home Basic (Vista equivalent: $200)
  • Only available in emerging markets
  • Missing Aero UI tweaks
Windows 7 Home Premium (Vista equivalent: $260)
  • Available worldwide, to OEMs and in retail
  • Includes Aero UI tweaks
  • Features multi-touch capabilities
  • Adds “premium” games
  • Adds media capabilities (Media Center, DVD playback, DVD creation, etc.)
  • Can create home network groups
Windows 7 Professional (Vista equivalent: $300)
  • Available worldwide, to OEMs and in retail
  • Includes all features of Premium
  • Adds enhanced networking capabilities (Remote Desktop host, domain support, offline folders, etc.)
  • Adds Mobility Center
  • Adds Presentation Mode
Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Available only in volume licenses
  • Includes all features of Professional
  • Adds Branch Cache
  • Adds Direct Access
  • Adds BitLocker
Windows 7 Ultimate (Vista equivalent: $320)
  • Limited OEM and retail availability
  • Includes all features of Enterprise


How can it be 6 flavours of one operating system ? 3 applications!? So you run a web browsers, an IM and music player, and thats it. You cannot run any more applications. Then again its probably bundled software. Hmm… Looks like Microsoft is putting up a fight against free OS (open sourced).

At US$ 260.00 it will be (about) RM 939.38 for Windows 7 Home Premium. If not mistaken the current Windows Vista is about the same price, or slightly cheaper.

I had high hopes for the new Windows OS. I was planning to build a new rig to play Diablo III. Now.. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.