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back from miri

wow what a short and packed trip.

I was in Miri on Thursday and came back on Saturday. Met wif a few photo enthusiast in Miri. namely James, Cync, Eddie, Philip, Ng, Ghostie and also met up with two leng lui’s. Will post more on this later, now kind of tired. I want to talk about something else.

The flight from Miri to Kuching were delayed about 15 mins. Besides the bumpy ride, the flight was ok.

Anyways I went to West Wood for dinner. Waited 1 hour for drinks to come, and another 30 mins for my Sirleon steak to come. And when it came it was over cooked and had a lot of tendons on it. The fries where burnt. Ugh, for 1 hour 30 mins wait, you would think that the quality would be good, at least! Sad. A lot of people came sat down and left as they were not served after 15 mins.

After the Loooooong dinner I went home and started to fix my lap top which was infected with something. I could not update my Windows XP Pro for about 3 weeks. I could not even update my antivirus as well. And when I try to update from IE at windowsupdate.microsoft.com it redirects to google.com. 1 hour of working on it, 2 root kits removed, and about 6 malicious files were removed. Rebooted and now, everything is back to.

Actually nothing to say, jst to make a post haha