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driftbaby & wui

I have known ming (driftbaby) since 2004 or so via one of my website / forums. He has always been the creative and a very giving person. Good sense of humor and personality. He has been trying to pass me the invitation card for his wedding for a month. As I was travelling all about in Nov, everytime he text me I was out of town. Finally caught me a week ago.

So the wedding dinner was on 3rd Dec 2009. Held at the Association of Churches in Sarawak. The other time I was there was for the Sin Chew carnival. It was a large venue, even then the parking was just ample. I had to park all the way at the back. Anyways this round I didn’t bring my heavy gear, only my Sony Cybershot DSC-T90.

It was a huge 8 course meal… and at my table 2 were vegetarian, 1 empty seat and a girl (so eat less la!). Its been a while since I have attended a wedding dinner where I left with a full tummy.

I purposely chose to bring only the compact camera cos I wanted to shoot some videos. So here is the result of the night. All the clips combined it comes out to be just under 8mins. Enjoy

It was very interesting with all the dancers and stuff. Its probably a trend now, as everyone wants to make a more memorable wedding dinner xD I must say this is quite memorable.

This is us… the 4 guys left… Melvin had to run so the rest of us had to eat his share as well. Matthew, Allan, Jordan, Driftbaby, Wui, and ME.

And have you ever seen such a cute and adorable wedding car?

This car is his pride and joy. He has been working on it for a good 4 years. And it is still not complete. Restoring it slowly but surely.

Well it has been a blast knowing ya.. congrats driftbaby! So when is driftbaby jr coming along ?