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Dexterism & Jane

I was in Penang to attend my cousin Dexter’s wedding last week, 21st November 2009. I arrived few days before and bunked at my friend’s house. Dexter was from Kuching, few years back his family all moved over to Penang, so I barely see him now. When I was younger I used to cycle to his house. And even longer ago we use to play at the old shop house. Now he is one of the 1st cousins of mine to get married. xD

Here is their new family portrait xD it was a tight place with photographers and video-graphers and friends and family. So I just snapped a few.


Kena flashed… LOL! Terry~

Looking out the veranda of the apartment I saw people taking photos at the pool LoL. So I took photos of them.

Looking up I saw a looooooong convey of bikes coming down the road.

Zoomed in, not cropped!

So after the tea ceremony and family introduction we all left for shopping n stuff… I went to makan some delicious prawn noodles, which I will post in a separate journal later.

Few hours later we all went to have dinner at Tanjung Bungah Hotel

Slightly out of focus.. super grain.. shot at 1600 ISO >.<” Anyways, looks like he is waiting to bash someone in..

Zoomed to 200mm… then I realize its slightly front focused. ugh!

okay, no more ISO1600 for me…

Wedding couple, cropped as the violinist was blocking the view. by the time I moved to a more suitable angle I lost many chances to shoot the wedding couple. The violinist should have walked maybe 10 feet ahead of the couple…

I had to avoid the standing guests and tried my best to compose the couple within the shot.. cant.. =( epic phail!

Better than nothing I guess.

Dexterism picking his nose and posing for me hehehe! Sorry mate, too good expression to not post xD

Dexterism, helping out xD

Second entrace xD even the groom gets to change his shirt n tie ~

After a few more dishes came the cake cutting ceremony xD

Lovely couple

Funky spotlights on the glass ~_~ ’ too close

too CLose!!!

Getting ready for the toast!

Yum Seng!

My parents, happy happy~

Happy Parents (groom)

My parents at the main table

Happy parents (bride)

Happy brothers

My cuz drinking wine..


Video of Jane’s dance teacher doing a belly dance for the wedding couple. Video shot with my Sony Cybershot DSC-T90