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Flying november and burnt tickets

Another flying post. hahaha

There are a few common things you will find in my journal posting here. photograhy related, car related and work related. Specifically flying about.

Sometimes I fly about so much I confuse myself. So thats why when I have chance I will post about it. Like this round

I’m actually in Miri. On work trip. I flew from Kuching to Bintulu on 11/11/2009. Then 12/11/2009 I travel by car to Miri. Tomorrow will go down to Brunei for a day trip. Hopefully there are some things to shoot over there and the weater holds.

If you see the screen shots I have three tickets to Penang. Dated 19th Oct, 19th Nov and 19th Nov. The first burnt ticket on the 19th Oct was due to Silly me. The Kuching > Penang flight on 19th November was in response to the burnt 19th October ticket. >.<”

It turn out I needed to go to KL on 17th Nov for work purposes. Meaning I have burnt my 19th Nov from Kuching to Penang. Two tickets burnt ! So far it has turn out to be expensive trip to Penang. The wedding dinner banquet better be good!

And due to personal reasons and work, I am also burning my tickets to Bangkok =( the sacrifices that we make for the company which is never noticed.

So all in all I’ll be out of my home for about two weeks and I will have a heavy backlog of things to download. Unless I can get my NAS torrent program to run! That would be awesomes~ Will do a small write up on it when I get it done. But I only have 1 day rest back in Kuching before I fly to KL. I wonder if that is enough time. Hmm.. better start to do my research now.