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another slow sunday

Its now 11th of October. Nearly middle of the month already. And I have not updated much in the journal. I did shoot a few portraits and two events. I have not published or post processed the portraits because the rest of the guys are not ready. And we kind of agreed to publish everything together.

Besides that I’m now in Miri. and sitting at Halo Cafe waiting for time to go back to Kuching. I guess everyone is busy, and it was my own fault to buy the tickets before informing my friends of my plans. So they already made their plans and I’m here alone. AHAHA!

Which is good because I can catch up in some facebook gaming. LOL. ever hear of Mafia Wars? Been wanting to play that for a while now. But I guess soon I will have more time to play it. xD

Its a bright and sunny day over here in Miri. I’m enjoying my pot of lavender tea. Playing facebook games and chatting with friends. Its warm and I’m listening to great music. This is very very relaxing and enjoyable. Only thing that kind of annoys me is that I have forgotten to bring my mouse along. So I been moving the cursor about with my fingers for the past 3 hours. Its becoming a bit tiring to say the least. Well 1 more hour to go before I go to the airport and wait another hour.. take a 1 hour plus flight back to Kuching. All in all another 4 hours to kill. Lucky for me I got my pink PSP with me. AHAHA!

Now all that I’m missing is my mouse!