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20090101 Sunrise (Buntal)

Finally the first posting about of 2009 on 2009!


I woke up around 3am to pick up the people from MV Doulos, who were following us to try and catch the first sunrise of 2009 at Buntal. All in all 3 cars went to pick them up. I volunteered to help of course. Stephen and Micheal was there to help also. Alex and the others were somewhere else at another meeting point. We drove directly up to Buntal and waited for everyone to arrive.

When everyone had gathered, it seemed like a huge group of people. Well, cos it was! Check out the group photo which we took at the end when we left Buntal.

 Image was taken from Alex's site.


When everyone was ready to go off, we realised that the water was too high. We could not really get to the edge of the water. Which was quite dissapointing. The rubbish at the kamping was really to much as well. There were broken glasses and rubbish all over the place.

But we enjoyed ourselves. A lot.

Here are some shots of the people who went :)~



After about 2 hours plus of sun hunting, we were tired (sleepy) and hungry. So we headed off to Golden Arch food court to have our late breakfast. It was kind of a mess as we arrived in batches and everyone was ordering food & drinks left right and center. The waiter was so busy. Everytime he delivered some drinks someone else ordered some more. hehe~more pics at my multiply page.


Here are a few shots at the place~











hehe~ so where are the sunrise photos?








Only one?




The rest are in the gallery of course!!!


Point your browser to the gallery.




Good times. Thanks Stephen for organizing the outing :-)