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Right, so two weeks later I'm blogging about what happened two weeks ago.

So in the morning of 6th Sept 2008, I woke up bright and early to meet up with d3vilsim.Then we headed to Taman Tasik Perdana. It was really a big group of photographers at the event organized by QiQi. Thanks to her, I had my first experience with paid models. The creativity amongst the photographers there were amazing, of course some results didn't turn out as expected but still you have to give them props for trying.

We arrived slightly late than the appointed time cos yours truely was late at arriving at the meeting point. As we got out of the car, we see people clicking away already, so without much waiting around we also started clicking. 


Out of the 4 gals there that day, I took her(Shirley) picture most. As she was attentive to all photographers. One of the easiest to shoot. I probably have out of hundred percent maybe fifty percent was of her.


Cammy was really cute gal, but during that time I was finding it hard to get good exposure of her. I would not dail in the correct settings. So either the flash was too strong, or too low, or the metering was wrong. When I got the results I wanted I was already shooting the other gals. I have to do better.


Velva, she has beautiful eyes, and very accomodating. Didn't shoot much of her in her 1st dress, more on the 2nd. As 1st round there were too many photographers. I could not squeeze in. If you dont believe the amount of photographers there, check out the group hug at the end of this post.


But amongst the four, I shot her the least, as she was really popular and I had no chance! haha, out of 400 images captured that day, I had less than 30 of hers and of that even less is acceptable. Sigh, must do better! No excuses!

Over all it was a fun experience for me. First time in a foreign place. If got opportunity, have to join more of this outings. Definitely helps to see and experience what the others do to get good shots.

The gal in orange is QiQi, the organizer.