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back home again

So again, Im back from my short trip. This time it was to Bintulu and then Miri. I have not headed out that direction for quite a number of months already.

In any case I reached Bintulu early morning, headed out to work for a while and we had a really nice meal at Spring Garden Cafe. They have really nice Fried Chicken Feet! honestly I seldom eat this specialty dish. But only when I'm in Bintulu I will eat it. Because it is that good. Everyone should have a go at it once in their life time.

+Spring Garden Cafe+


The next day after popping by another outlet we headed off to Miri just after lunch hour. Zipped to Miri in about 2 hours time, did 4 interviews in one afternoon. I talked and asked questions as if I had not had a drop of water for many months.

Finally concluded the interviews, quickly rushed up the hotel and took a quick shower. Then went for dinner at Sea Horse with Irene, Peter and some other friends.


Today was a grey day. From morning till evening. Well there was a bit of sun in the afternoon but I didnt bring out my camera. And when I had my camera with me it was grey and raining again! sigh!

So that was yet another quick trip to and back from Miri & Bintulu.