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back home

Finally reached home. its now 11.15pm. After our 'thing' in the office concluded early, we all went back to the hotel, grabbed our lugguage and off we went to the Curve. Then we all kind of split up and went our own way to do shopping and stuff. I purchased some magazines and 2 pairs of socks.

We gathered again at 4.50pm for the taxi. And we left for the airport from IKEA at 5pm. Reached LCCT around 6pm, decided not to eat anything as we had light meal from IKEA.

After going in, to the boarding area, we found that the display at the gate was wrong. Our flight number was displayed at gate 3(the gate was suppose to be for the flight to sabah) and Gate 8 was showing another flight number (the sabah flight). We asked the staff working there, and they reassured us that the boarding passes were correct.

After waiting a while to board, some dude went up to the gate to have a look or something and every one else jumped into queue. There were no AirAsia staff at the gate, but people were queuing up! How silly is this!? In anycase, Yeo also jumped into place. So I joined him, so that he not so lonely.  :-) 10 mins later there was announcement of flight delay. *gasp* I was just telling Yeo that this flight the AK5214 the regular flight which I take from KL to KCH is late 8 times out of 10.

So we all went back to our seats, I started playing the PSP. And rumour was our flight was delayed from 7.40pm to 8.50pm. An hours worth of delay. By 8.00pm, another queue formed for no reason!!! Maybe someone thought it was funny, but AGAIN the staff was not even at the gate, there were no announcement! WHY ARE YOU GUYS LINING UP!? I DONT UNDERSTAND!

After much fighting on the PSP, I was feeling hungry, so me and Yeo, asked the auxiliary police if we could go out to the McDonalds outlet to grab some food. They said, 'You mau pergi, boleh, tapi jika you miss flight itu you punya hal' So off we went to McD, grabbed a few burgers and headed back into the boarding area in about 10 mins.

I was happily munching away at my Double Cheese burger when we heard that the flight was bording now. Again we all went back to queue for the final time and boarded the plane which finally took off at 8.50pm. The flight was uneventful, luckily. Landed safely around 10.30pm. By 10.40pm I was in my dad's car and heading home!

First thing I did when I came back home? Came online! then shower, unpacked a few items, charge the PSP, and BLOG!

So to recap, Flight AK5214 delayed for 1 hour plus on 26th August 2008. I'm going to keep track via this blog to count exactly how many times they 'suffer' a delay for the last flight from KL to KCH