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Kuala Lumpur

Ah.. Finally in Eastin Hotel. What a long day, our flight was delayed about 30 mins. So end up we arrived about the same time as the team flying in from Sabah. Then on our way down, our van driver took us for a tour of Kuala Lumpur city, as he misheard us. Instead of Eastin Hotel we ended up at WESTIN hotel. So instead of a 40-50 mins drive it took us about an hour twenty mins total to arrive here at the hotel.

After arriving, unpacked, ironed my shirt, logged in to eastin hotel's wifi network which was useless and not working. In the end had to revert to Celcom's 3G data card. Lucky I brought it a long just in case. Else I would not be able to blog. :)

My room mate, Yeo went out with the others for supper out in the town. I wonder where he gets the energy. I'm so tired now, just had my shower, about to go rest now.

Tomorrow is a new day.