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Sunday outing

It was an impromptu decision by Alex and a few other guys to go buntal to try and catch the sunrise on Friday nite. Interestingly the night prior (sat nite) I could not sleep. I tried to sleep, but I ended up just laying in bed wide awake. By 2am. I was quite restless as I know this will a very tiring day. AND I purposely went to play badminton on Saturday evening to tire myself out so I could sleep early. So I got up at 2am in the morning, I had to be up at 4 am to get ready, so I watched Jack Blacks movie called Be Kind Rewind. It was a silly movie, nothing to shout about, but it helped me pass the time. By 3.30 am I finally was feeling tired, then I got a SMS from Derbe, "its raining now is the trip still on?" Just as my whole body relaxed and was about to have a good rest.

So by 4am my alarm went off, I climbed out of bed prepared my gear, and was out of the door by 4.30am. Picked Derbe and Ru, then headed off to the meeting place. And what do you know, met James and William having breakfast there. Stephen and Cecilia were there already. About 5mins later Alex, Micheal, Methos, and Alvin arrived. So all of us went up. And Micheal a good driver that he was, stayed below 60kph all the way up to Buntal village. -.- (he drove the same speed when coming down as well).

When we reached the location it was raining and was cloudy. Again we met up with William and James there. They were there with other photographers. To cut the story short, we were quite disappointed that there was no sunrise, but we tired our best. We still went ahead to find things to shoot as soon as the rain stopped.

An hour after the rain stopped it started again, forcing all of us to seek shelter at a coffee shop nearby. We had coffee and ate Derbe's sandwich breakfast(thanks Derbe, your a life saver). After warming ourselves up a bit with hot beverages we were all talking photography. Then Alex started to play with his camera, I borrowed his fish eye lens, and then everyone else picked up their camera and were moving about to find things to shoot. Ru found a lot of subjects as more and more people came in for their morning coffee.

By 9am plus the rain ceased and we headed out again for second rounds! After about an hour we called it quits. And headed down to Lu Lai Vegetarian Restaurant.

+A quick video 12 min video clip taken with the Nokia n96. Shredded down to about 1 mins worth of video, added soundtrack and credits and intro. Enjoy+

After lunch I came back home, transfer all the pictures to the computer, took a shower, rested a bit and then had high tea at McDonalds, and headed off to the Spring, to try and catch Serene in her cosplay costume with her friends. Called up Allen, he came, Derbe came along as well so we were there trying to flash each other silly. Then a quick dinner at Hui Sing, and back HOME!

Ah.. time to rest and pack. Flying to KL tomorrow for work. So no photo updates till after August. Because right after KL, I'll be headed down to Bintulu and Miri.

I think I'll have a good's night sleep tonight.


PS. I'll link everyone when I'm more awake later. or tomorrow or next week.