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Celcom Blackberry Night @ Boulevard

Was invited to go attend the Celcom Blackberry Night @ Boulevard via Facebook. I guess they kinda spammed everyone and anyone.

In any case the event started at 7.00pm I arrived at 8.30pm as I was at home watching the badminton match between China and Indonesia, mixed doubles for the Bronze medal. What an intense match. If people told me it was for gold, I would believe it.

I went to Boulevard to take some pictures and to check out the new Blackberry offerings from Celcom. Sadly I didn't see anything relating to it except a few banners. Halfway thru the programs (singing) the organisers introduced the 3 Blackberry devices. 3 promoters (models) were showing off the phones on stage which was about 2 meters high. And the crowed was a good 10 meters away. The gals did come down from the stage, but they were kind of disoriented on what they were suppose to do.

I guess it would be good to at least have a people to give out brochures and details of the phones. Not just 3 sets at 915pm or something. There should be more sets available for more touch n feel.

Anyways, it was also a bloggers meet thingy, so a blogger, Irene was called to stage for a quick interview on her opinions and stuff. She was selected because she was the first person to register. Fair enough. Then I was the second third person who got called to the stage. (the second was a guy who did ilovekuching.com) I was stumped. Cos I didn't register. Sure I had a blog, (he quoted cybreed.blogspot.com which I will put to rest soon enough). But I went as a amateur photographer, to learn to shoot under stage and funky lighting.  So it caught me off guard.

Well I'll finish off this post later. I need to go do an interview over lunch. I have an empty position to fill in my company. Anyone looking for a full time job?


*corrections made for spelling errors and updated information*