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Middle of the night

So now its SUNDAY, 215am. I have just completed processing, uploading, commenting and now blogging about my trip down to Sabah in middle of June 2008.

Lucky for me I had my Nokia e90 communicator with me on my drive up to Mt Kinabalu. If I had relied on the maps purchased by Aslina I'm sure I would have got lost! It was a combination of new technology of GPS, MAPS, and NAVIGATION that kept us form driving in the wrong direction.

When we reached to the Mt Kinabalu National Park, it as still raining to we had to head toward Ligawu Restaurant. It was a nice place with decent food, cant recall what I had but I'm pretty sure its fried rice or something.

Well time has passed I cant even recall every detail of my trip. Sigh. note to self, must blog as soon as get back from ANY trip.

The views at Mt Kinabalu was fantastic. Here are some

The rest of the images can be found in my gallery.

its now 230 am. Time for me to rest!