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Mid Saturday

Today is Hungry Ghost Festival +1, was suppose to go swimming today, but canceled. So instead I went with my parents to the temple to pay respects to my grand parents. Met up with my uncle's and cousins there. Spent about an hour there and then left for breakfast.

We went to this location where I have not been to for a while. When I reached I met a dealer there, what a surprise. He took his family for breakfast before going up to MJC to operate his business.

To cut the story short, the name of the place is called Hak Guan, it located at Longitude  110°20'1.59"E, Latitude 1°29'59.19"N. Heh! I didn't take photos like 'normal' blogger would but I did take GPS coordinate. So if you do not know the place but would like to go to try either the Laksa, Chicken Rice, Kueh Chap and others, you would have to either use a GPS enabled device, or Google Maps.

I had Kueh Chap. For those who do not know this delicous dish, do a search online, and I'm sure you will find many references to it by a gazillion food bloggers. Its one of those dish which I like, very porky. Definately non-halal. The taste was quite okay, I have had better, but this is definately one of my top 3 spots for Kueh Chap.

So now I'm back home. Waiting for my rechargable battires to complete charge. Then charge another set. As there is a training called "Evaluate workshop" later at Inti College from 2pm to 5pm. Well I hope I can go in and take some photos, else it would still be nice to attend such workshops. Its jointly organised by the Hornbill City Toastmasters Club and X-FAB Sarawak. Its basically to teach about how to evaluate speeches and how to give good feedback so people can improve on their speeches. How to encourgage them to improve on their strong points and watch out for their weak points, I think. I'll know for sure after I have attended the workshop.

Then probably after that I'll go for some badminton with friends. And we will see how it goes.