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trip 05 in 2008 PartB


Yeah I know, I'm long winded :-P Anyways this will be less pictures as the previous posting cos I was busier with work!

28-03-2008 - Friday

So the next morning woke up had a late breakfast, visited some more dealers, the usual boring stuff. And would you know it, it was LUNCH TIME! muahahah!

So we(me & Liong) meet up with Irene. At a Thai food restaurant. It was quite good!

*her lunch*

*me acting busy again*

*I also got camera!*

*This is what I got from my phone*

*me and Irene*

*Liong and Irene*

So after lunch we bid our farewell to Irene and we continue to work in Miri. At about 530pm I went back to my hotel it was raining. I looked out my window and I saw...

*Only images I shot using my 18-135 & my tripod*
*I was checking exposure and a car drove by. -_-"*

Interesting things we see when we look out window, only if we take the time to look around.

to be continued...