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trip 05 in 2008 PartC

+++Been so busy with work... until now have a bit of free time to continue to blog. trip 6 already came and went :P 7 and 8 are coming up! very back logged. +++


29-03-2008 (Saturday)

So the next day I woke up from my sleep and looked out the window

..and I looked down to see the rat...

*very flat rat!*

I looked up a bit...

*hee!!! Another rat!*
*friend what happen to you... >piak!<* *tayar*

So I after that I store my tripod and my camera gear and when to take a shower. I went down stairs to wait for Peter to arrive. As I have nothing to do, I took some street photos.


*Another look*

So Peter came by in his yellow warrior.


*We went to grab some fuel*

*Another of his ride*

We spent another hour or so to take photo of his Yellow Warrior. And then we had some bak-kut-teh for lunch and then Irene said she wanted to show me to another place in town with decent beach. As I had a bit of time to kill before moving down to Sibu.

So arriving there I was like, aiyoh. Cloud over cast, I dunno how to shoot wooww...

*Maybe looks better with sunglasses*
*Maybe can try multishot*
*Ah! Found a beetle!*
*Does this feel wide?*
*Woh! She can jump really high!*

Anyways we went for coffee after that, met up with Peter again and off I went to the airport. My first time flying in a Fokker 50. Which cramps about 50 ppl into the plane. The ride was just under 40mins to Sibu from Miri. I didnt know much so I did not check in my luggage. Bad move, as I was carrying 4 items, one for my clothing, one my camera bag, one my laptop and another tripod. -_-" Along the way to my seat I was storing things, left right and center.

*Looking out the small window*
*Look, its really cramp!*
*No idea where this is, but looks good and well developed*
*Sun is setting*

So I arrived at Sibu airport, and my parents fetch me. We had a quick dinner, and after that I drove down to Serikei, to my uncle's house to spend the night.

...to be continued