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trip 05 in 2008 PartA

27-03-2008 - Thursday

So as we know from the previous blog, I missed my flight to Miri, and I ended up in Bintulu and then made my way to Miri. During this trip I borrowed a Sigma 10-20mm f4.0 from Alex Teo. Just to try out some scenery shooting. Ended up I didn't take much of any scenery more of people with altered heads :-D


*in flight shot*

*whops! was not me! it was like that when I got there!*

In any case the flight to Bintulu was uneventful.

*See... Uneventful!*

Arrived on time and waited for my colleague to come fetch me. So I went online and checked mail. Check out this photo of me trying to look busy in a very empty airport.

*empty airport*
*act busy*

Liong drop by to pick me up and we went for a quick breakfast and we went to visit few users. Then we went to lunch and visited a few more dealers.


*This is Bintulu*

After that we had a quick lunch pumped fuel and headed to the Bintulu Promenade.


~Bintulu Promenade~

After that we left for Miri around 300pm.

*On the way to Miri*

*My driver*

Reached Miri around 445pm checked in to my hotel looked out the window and saw this.

What a beautiful afternoon. Anyways, I stayed in the room working on my laptop till dinner time, went out makan and came back and work abit more and slept.

To be continued...