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trip 04 in 2008

kinda lagging behind all my workload and my blogload (is there such a word.. hmm...)..

So I just came back from my 4th trip outside kch this time was to Kuala Lumpur from the 28th Feb to 1st march.

Day 1 - 28th February 2008

As usual took the earliest flight available to KL using AirAsia. Arrived and waited for my colleague from Sabah. Good thing she turned up 15 min ahead of time. We took a cab down to our hotel Eastin PJ. Met up with other colleagues from the rest of Malaysia and headed for a quick lunch before heading into the office for a meeting. Only to find out we were instructed to go to head office for training/briefing for the dinner the next night. SO after that was done we all went back to our office, and had some beer at a new pub/club which opened few months ago.

We broke up into two groups after that, me, Aslina, Yu Ee, Jacky and Ming Tet went to The Curve to have dinner and basically to meet up with our ex-general manager(? about 3 months after I joined the company she left ?). We ended up at Sakae Sushi, the RM 1.90 Salmon Sushi was fantastic! Udon YUMMY!

After a quick dinner and a shot chat with her, me and Yu Ee left to meet up with some other friends for Karaoke Session~ Let me say, I dont sing, I cant sing, so I'm there just to share the tab and try to tighten our "bonds". As doing things together gives one the sense of comradeship or something of that sort. By the time I hit the sack it was 3 am.

I was sharing the room with Dave from Northern Region. And that guy likes to move a lot when he sleep. Everytime he moved I awoke. *___* what can I say, I have been sleeping alone for well over 30 years mah! Luckily the next day our meeting was not the normal 10am meeting.

Day 2 - 29th February 2008

When I was waking up, Dave was already dressed for work. He was from another team so their meeting started earlier than ours. Stayed in bed a while longer and then the phone rang, Aslina called, "lets go breakfast!". *.* So after rolling around a bit more, got up showered, dressed and went to the nearby mamak to have breakfast. Had beehoon goreng & kueh teow + egg (spicy). And we got back to work work work till about 2.00pm went for lunch. Walked back to the hotel, and got ready for the dinner tonight.

*Darren, Aslina, Yue Ee, Jacky*

Even when I was getting ready distributor was already calling and asking where I am, why am I not there yet. Once ready we all headed down to the lobby for our rides. Yu Ee, Jacky and Aslina followed Darren. I followed Steven's car. We reached the venue at 4.40pm. Smack in the middle of the presentation. Missed out the TRANSFORMER Andrew. Drats. Presentation Finished by 5.30pm plus by then most of the dealers have gone back to their rooms upstairs. We were stuck hanging around to amuse ourselves. Till dinner time.

*My Handwritten ID*

Dinner was good. Food was decent enough. There was some dancing entertainment, and Hannah Tan sang a few songs. And the MC for the night was Angel from MyFm. Half way through the meals, things started to get woozy. As the booze kept coming. Red wine, white wine, beer, wisky, and god knows what else. Lucky for me my dealers were not crazy drinkers and we only drank red wine, once the meal was done, they left. While other dealers were still going on and on and on and on.

*Regina, Me, Andrew Chong (MD of Nokia Malaysia), Aslina*

Cherry and Yue Ee were the worse hit. haha, Cherry disappeared into the toilet for a fair bit of time. Yue Ee went in and out of toilet multiple times.

*This is Yue Ee, Jacky was undressing him*
**I think Yue Ee loves the attention from Jacky**

Surprisingly we got back to the hotel quite early, I think before 1 am. But man was it hard to sleep with so much alcohol in the system.

*End of the night*

Day 3 - 1st March 2008

Woke up feeling tired, again. Dave keep moving when sleeping. *.*" Anyways I wanted to go down to Low Yatt to grab some gear for my computer, but no one wanted to go that area, instead after much discussions, they decided to go grab brunch with Forrest. So I tagged along to Puchong for some Korean Food. WOW. No regrets, the food was fantastic! At the end of it, we were filled to the brim.

Regina, Sharon and Yue Ee were driving back down to Johor so they left after lunch. Jacky and Ming Tet gave me ride back to hotel before heading to Penang. Dave was staying over night and going back on Sunday.

I got back to the hotel at 2.00pm. With nothing to do, I sat around at the lobby. The taxi was suppose to arrive at 3.30pm. Yup, much time to kill! I dont know why, it totally slipped my mind, I didnt think to read the magazine which I bought at The Curve. Instead I stated to read "The monk who sold his Ferrari" Which I have purchased on my previous trip to KL. By 3.15pm the taxi guy called me to say he has arrived and asked if I was ready. I called Aslina ( we were sharing taxi to LCCT ). She was still at Ikea! 3.40pm She still didnt show. Just before 4.00pm she showed up. Well~ it seems her nephew was lost. And found. :) No worries we had heaps of time. Flight was at 6.20pm

On the way to the airport, I was thinking to myself, where did I put my magazine. And it came to me, after buying it, I left it on the table next to the TV. And the next day, someone had left some newspaper there. And when I was packing, I didn't check under the newspaper to see if I had taken everything! So Aslina suggested that I called the hotel which I did (after getting the number from her). They checked the room, and found it under the newspaper! >.<" So I instruct them to hold it for me and I will have a friend to drop by and collect it on Monday.

The flight back was uneventful. Sort of, heaps of turbulence. Landed safely at around 8.10pm. Got back home, showered and went out drinking again~ reach home about 3.40 am.


Thats my trip. After reaching KCH, I was feeling super tired, and after drinking and talking loudly for 3 nights in a row. My throat was sore. I was feeling weak and crappy on Sunday. By Monday it had turn into some sort of infection, I could not swallow without this ridiculous pain shooting up to my brain. I went to office for half a day and by 11.00am I could not stand it I had to go home and rest. I went to a clinic, but the doctor was out on lunch at 11.30am. o.O" it said you will be closed at 12 noon!

So I went home and slept for a bit. Woke up at 2.00pm. And it started to rain cats and dogs. till 4.00pm so finally I got out of the house at 4.30pm. Guess what clinics close at 4.30pm!!!

Again I went back home to rest. Finally I reached the clinic at 8.00pm. waited about 45mins got in, and out under 6 mins! Went home, took the meds, slept till next morning.

Morale of the story, dont drink and shout too much!