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missed the flight

I missed my flight to Miri.

It was 7am flight and I woke up at 615 and reached airport at 640. There is only one flight to Miri. Therefore I purchased another ticket but to Bintulu instead. I arrived at 830am and has been online checking mail and doing work for about an hour now. This is one of the few airports which I have been to which does not provide WIFI connectivity. Good thing I have my data card with me, and lucky for me this area has 3G coverage.

last year I missed my flight as well to KL. Hopefully this is the final time I miss ANY flight for the rest of the year. I hate flying at wee hours in the morning. Normally could not sleep as I get worried about waking up late.

Speaking of waking up late, I set my phones to ring at 530am and 545am. It seems the 1st phone went off, and I switched it off. I didnt even realise this. the 2nd one well.... hanged. Could not get it to turn on until I removed the memory card. Probably have a corrupted memory card now, drats.

In anycase, I'm now in Bintulu so might as well visit dealers here and find my way to Miri later in the evening.

I hate early flights!