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scam SMS again?

Was working in my office when I received a text message from on my work phone.

It was from:

It read:
Pengumuman dari Petronas Malaysia TAHNIAH! SimCard anda berjaya Memenangi undian Hadiah Wang Tunai RM 14.000 Sila Hubungi: 006281316411157. Terima kasih.

Muahahaha! So we all know google is our friend, I search for the phone number and came up with 1 single hit from a blogger. Funny should have a lot right? So I searched keywords, petronas tahniah and simcard. wow... much more results. and it lead me to this article on Celcom's website.



16 August 2007 - Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad would like to advise customers to be cautious of unsolicited SMS and to ignore SMS hoaxes that promise rewards and cash prizes.

The following SMSes have been circulating nationwide and if customers have received any of these SMSes, they are advised NOT to respond to it. Please note that these SMSes/messages are neither sent nor endorsed by Celcom.

  1. TAHNIAH. Simcard Anda Meme-nangi hadiah Cek Tunai RM.20.000 dari peraduan CELCOM. Sila hubungi Call Centre : 006285656242229. Terimakasih
  2. TAHNIAH. Simcard Anda Meme-nangi hadiah Cek Tunai RM.15000 Plus Bonus Reload Kredit RM.250 dari peraduan CELCOM. Sila Call Centre : 006285215947000 Terimakasih
  3. TAHNIAH. Simcard Anda Meme-nangi hadiah Cek Tunai RM.20000 Plus Bonus Reload Kredit RM.250 dari Peraduan CELCOM. Sila hubungi: 006285656106237
  4. TAHNIAH. Simcard Anda Meme-nangi hadiah Cek Tunai RM.20000 Plus Bonus Reload Kredit RM.250 dari Peraduan CELCOM. Sila hubungi: 00628194176899 Terimakasih.
  5. Pengumuman diri PETRONAS Mlys, TAHNIAH! Sim Card Anda tlh memenangi undian bertuah Cek tunai RM10.000 Sila hubungi: 006281519347178 Terimakasih.
  6. TAHNIAH! Simcard anda telah memenangi hadiah cek tunai RM20,000. Plus reload kredit RM250 dari peraduan CELCOM. sila dail Call Center 00628565251247. terima kasih.

Celcom would also like to remind customers to ignore any SMS/messages which promise rewards and cash. In addition, customers should also be cautious of SMS/messages which are received from a local number and the sender is NOT from Celcom 12302 or Xpax.

SMS/messages that carry an international number (i.e. phone numbers starting with 00xxxxxxxxxxx) should also be ignored.

Customers can also contact Celcoms Customer Service personnel to authenticate and report any suspicious messages received by dialling; 1111 from your Celcom mobile, 100 from a TM fixed line, or 1-300 111 000 from other mobile numbers.

For publication purposes, please attribute quote to ‘Celcom’s Official Statement.’



Well they should add the new one in cos the new combination is not listed in their Official statement.

Makes me wonder, how did they get the hand phone numbers.