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A quick update.

Last weekend I was in KL again. from the 19th till the 22nd December 2008 to record the final round of GRA. Interestingly I only spent less than RM 150.00 this trip. Bought myself a cap, and some sweets. Probably because this trip down, costed me RM 800+ in flight. Due to the fact that the race was postponed, I had to reschedule my flight. Either pay up another RM 400 or lose the RM 400. So why not pay another RM 400 to be with friends ?

Anyway I'll post more about that later. Its now 2.11 AM. I had some friends over for a pot luck dinner and exchange some gifts. hehe more pics to come. There was a huge mountain of food. Left about 10%. So its good gathering after all.

Here is one of the many photos we took last night with our gifts.

Those who showed up : Irene, Mei Ling, Antonia, Liew Chin, Derbe, Desmond, Guan, Cecilia, Allen, Chze, Alvin, Micheal, Methos, Pei Lian and Alex.

Time to rest now.