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081216 Kuching

Back in town

As per normal, the AirAsia flight KL to Kuching delayed. Was suppose to reach Kuching about 8.30pm, ended up arriving at 9.05pm. Flight AK5212. There was no delay for Aslina's flight from KL to Kota Kinabalu. But then again she, did nearly miss her flight. Because we were having McDonalds when we were at the LCCT. I'm not sure if it's my imagination or something, the amount of flies at the McDonalds seem to be at an annoying level.

As we were boarding the plane, it was AirAsia's policy to have the elderly and parents with young child to go board first. Which was very nice of them. This time there was a funny incident, so me and Lucy were boarding the plane and by the 7th row, we wanted to sit on some empty sits there but noticed got a hand bag on the corner seat. And on the 10th row was a makcik. Looking sternly at us when we tried to move into the seats without the bag. It was at the moment that the air stewardess came up to the makcik and said "You cannot reserve the seats." then the makcik said, "we are a family and we cannot be separated". Air stewardess said "But free seating is our policy" and the makcik hissed at her. I just smiled a walked a few rows back and took our seat. LOL!

This situation reminds me of the parking system in town. Commonly we see people putting bins and seats on the parking lots. And when people try to park there, someone would come out and say, "Hey reserved lah, cant see ah?". Problem is, did you pay for the parking exclusively ? Cos if anyone park there, they have to pay the same amount of parking fee's so why should you get the priority and exclusivity to park as close to your premisis ? LOL!

Ah well, thats the 'interesting' things that makes life less mundane.

Yeo came down to pick me, he insisted. So he dropped me back home and I took a hot shower, cos I was caught in the rain. Unpacked a bit, and immediately got to process the 4 albums. Two were published in the gallery here. Two more albums, one was for commercial use which was uploaded to clients server already and another for the Hornbill City Toastmasters. Ah.. I still have one more album to process. Looks like cant make it today. Have to reschedule to submit on tomorrow. Drats.

Well that is my small update over the short short trip to Kuala Lumpure.