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081215 Kuala Lumpur

Monday, the training finished about 4.20pm then we had a xmas present exchange session.

Will update a followup posting once I curi the pictures from Aslina. My pressie was taken by Sharon and I took Aslina's pressie. LoL All I can say is Lavander!

Anyways after that we went to Neway Karaoke. Sing and sing, and sing some more. Even I joined in. The only person who sung the least was the new operations executive. heh. I'm sure there are alot more opportunities. Again will have to wait to steal the photos from Aslina. I didnt bring camera this round.

Then Darren sent me back to hotel and he and Yue Ee, went for massage. Jackie and Ken went for supper. I came back into the hotel to find that the ID & PASS were gone. I had left it on the desk and the housekeeping threw it away. had to go down and take another new ID. Had not logged into the internet all day long. Feels good to be online.

Oh and another thing, I didn't bring my charger for the Nokia n85 and by noon it only had 2 bars of power left. So I switched it to power saving mode and it lasted till tonite with about talk usage of up to 3-4 mins and heaps more of SMS's. Amazing. Luckily Lucy had brought her charger, I'm using her charger now to power up my device.

Oh well time flies, 12.30 now. Time to rest my weary head to fight another day.


raining outside.. Hmm...