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081204 Kuala Lumpur

The journey was a long one this time. It was raining at Kuching Airport. Our flight was quite turbulent, and the macho man sitting next to me had a bit of a panic when the plan dropped a few feet and we were all feeling slightly floating, the kind of sensation you get when you ride a roller coaster. He was sleeping and I was playing my PSP, Lucy was sleep as well. When the plan dropped a bit he awoke because of the sensation tried to grab the chair but hit my hand instead. LOL. I was so busy playing with the PSP. Didn't care.

So we landed just after 1hour 20 mins of flight. AirAsia really flies! When we landed it was raining heavily. While the plan was taxiing to the parking area, the plane slowed down tremendously and the passengers thought that the plane was coming to a halt, so almost everyone got up and started to unload their luggage from the overhead compartment when one of the flight attendant came and ask every one to sit down, maybe were looking at him confused and he got angry increased his tone of voice and when closing the door of the overhead compartment he slammed it shut. LOL. Don't care.

Finally the plane came to a complete stop and the seat belt sign was turned off. We all got our stuff from the overheard compartment. Then the cabin crew informed the passanger that due to the heavy downpoar of rain, we are not able to use the front exit, only the rear exit of the plant was usable. We all waited around to disembark from the plane, with no indications, we all waited and waited. The plane completely shut down. All lights and air condition was switched off. We continued waiting and waiting. Ended up we waited for 15 mins before we were able to disembark. LOL. Not in a hurry, Didn't care.

The queue to purchase taxi tickets away from LCCT was also packed. We all had to queue for our turn, they only had one of two counters open. I guess they never figured that so many people would be wanting to get on a taxi on Sunday. Hmm..

Finally Aslina showed up. We all walked out to the taxi pickup area. Hmm.. Off in the distance every one was honking rudely. Traffic was backed up badly. Private cars were going into bus lanes and taxi lanes. The taxi and busses were angry kept on hoking with their super duper loud horns. Again we had to queue to get out taxi. Hmm.. tired, kinda annoyed by now.

The ride down to Eastin Hotel was quite smooth. When we arrived at the lobby we met the team from Penang who were checking in as well. They were headed off to KLCC after checking in. While we just wanted to go have some food as we were all very hungry. So Nick was kind enough to drop by to pick us up and we all headed off to The Curve. We went to Kim Gary, again we were in queue. Waiting to be seated. Ugh! hungry! Finally our turn came up after about 10 mins of waiting. Ordered our food and waited and waited for another 10 mins.

After dinner, we went down to Borders. My favourite books store. Ever. Because they stock one of the largest collection of books I have ever seen, on many topics which interest me. Normally I go there to get my magazines and other reading material. This trip I went there and all the usual magazines which I normally buy were sold out! huh? I was amazed, everything else was still available. Then I looked at a small tag, imported magazines get 5% off. Hmm.. I wonder if that was why.  Ugh. So I went to another section of the store, mmmm nothing interesting. Actually there were but it's a bit too expensive for me to be that interested. So I went upstairs to the Media & Arts.  Looked up and down, nothing interesting. UGH! Aslina called, they were done and found their books. Sigh. While Nick was paying for the parking, I saw a book at the newstand. Ah... finally something I want. National Geographic December edition.

By 10pm I'm back in the room and typing out this posting. While my room mate is enjoying himself at the PC Fair near KLCC.

Oh well.. what a long loooooong journy from Kuching. Ugh. I think I'll sleep early tonite. Seems like a long week ahead.