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cat hotel

I'm bloggin in from Miri Starbucks. Waiting for my flight at 5pm so I thought I would login and post something funny about my hotel. As I forgot to make my hotel booking, so I ended up at a place called COSY HOTEL. Hmm.. all those from Miri who heard that I was staying at that hotel would say, becareful of people knocking on your door after 12 midnight. They will be looking to give you extra service. -___-" okay... well no one came knocking on my door except some naughty kids running about at the hallway...

on Friday morning, at about 8am, some rooms nearby started renovation. It was loud and annoying. bang! bang! bang! bang! sigh, 

then this morning about 7plus am, I heard meow` meow` meow`. I was thinking wat the hell, it cant be a cat in the hotel right? that would be, so wrong. So unheard of!

So I proceeded to go shower and get ready for the morning's activity.

When I was done and out the door, the first thing I saw was a CAT! Meowing at the room next door!

Gee~ cos I really thought it was the kids playing around disturbing people. But seriously how can the hotel allow cats to roam freely in the hotel hallways? They should have a better "security" if one pussy can get it, more could have gotten in as well!

Then I took a closer shot of the cat, blind shoot, I didn't even look at the viewfinder, hence the BLURRED photo! >.<

Meow Meow! He was quite friendly till he heard the shutter sounds and he sped off :) caught in action?


Well actually not much to say here, just bored sitting here at the Starbucks...... . . .. . ...