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Urban Vibes

Two Saturdays ago, I received a call from Pazuzu, he said that there will be a dance competition event at The Spring. I didn't know much and I didn't have much to do so I went for the event. Actually prior to that Saturday we, about 10 photographers gathered at Kluang Station, to try and snap the event. But the it was postponed to Saturday. Then on Saturday, not knowing when exactly is the time of the event, me and Steven arrived at 4pm and we sat around till it was 6.00pm, when the event started. Silly us. Pazuzu joined us at 4.30pm, and then Steven decided to go home to take a shower. So there was only myself and Pazuzu shooting the event. The funny thing was his Canon 50D ran out of power, as we were playing with it for the whole afternoon. And he only had one battery!!! I don't know why, but it was bloody hilarious. He was shooting the opening act, then 2-3 frames later he told me he was out of power! hahaha~ poor fellow.

It was a bit low keyed I must say but at least there are events like this rather than no event. Its always a good start to see young people (am I that old already?) showing their skills for the world to see.

Before the event started everyone was shy to approach the stage. They were all standing a good 15 feet away. Even those who were participating in the event.

Heh~ but as soon as the MC started to speak, everyone rushed to the front of the stage as if free ice cream was given or something. They were standing so close to the stage, till me and pazuzu cant really move or stand up, else we will be in people's view.

There were six solo participants and one group participant.

The two guys on the far left was the one and only group participant. Another two solo participant were late.

This was one of the first contestants, not bad. Got tired after a while.

This gal has some moves, playful.

This dancer's energy was endless, good moves too!

This dude got style~So I gave him 5 strobes.

This two was brining down the house, old school style.

Her dance moves were, I guess contemporary ? I dont now much about dance.

This guy was, WOW. While his routine was not perfect, it was still very much the most entertaining solo performance of the day.

Overall I think they should not have made it as an event, rather they should hire a pro, and do a demo with the other participants doing exhibitions and the pro would rate and award them accordingly. Instead, they gave the top prize according from crowd response. And 90% of the time, the crowd was not listening to the MC, as he was hidden at the side. Maybe if he had gone on stage it might have been better.

As they were giving the throphies, Saimon came with 40D. LOL! late comer~ Steven also returned just before the last few performances. A few clicks later the event was finished. This is because we all assumed that there were many performers, but instead there were only six solo's and one group! Therefore the event endded really quickly...

There is a lot of room for improvement still, but I think the organisers should not give up! I see potential!