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dancing at spring

Dancing Queens ... and kings and princess and prince... hehe I was at the spring to meet up with Serene as they had the moon cake / cosplay gathering at the spring. When I arrived we saw a lot of people in black gathering  near Sushi King. I was wondering what was going on when all of them suddenly got into position and the music started! Seems like they had a good time. The participants were from all ages and genders. Some were really into it as you can tell by their finesse some probably just joined to I dont know kill time maybe?

A lot of people in black...

And here comes the music~

Among so many dancers this one is probably more seasoned than others? maybe? well the one who is having a lot of fun anyways the rest were mostly going thru the motions only. maybe. she is coolest cos she has belly piercing. :)

See how happy she is ?

Even the kids were having fun ^.^

Check out this video I took using the Nokia e71. Heh~ business phone also can take video, not too shabby I think? Maybe?

hehe this is a bit mean but, lady I know your tired and all but wow... your expression is really priceless