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the spring is open...

Well.. sort off, opened by the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Pehin Sri Dr. Haji Abdul Taib bin Mahmud. Its good to see that such malls have opened up in Kuching. Where people are willing to invest and put up the effort to move the economy. Its HUGE compared to local standards. Very spacious. I heard that the design was created based on NZ lifestyle? thats why the building is low and wide instead of skinny and tall.

So just within a period of two months, two new shopping destinations opened up to the public, The Spring and The Boulevard. Both with very different and distinctive philosophies and style. To me The Boulevard is very Asian, it has everything under the sun and cram in as much as possible. The Spring on the other hand is a bit more classier, with wide open spaces, the tenants are screened with a megascope(The Boulevard screen their clients too, but maybe with a magnifying glass only).

Above is the video clip of the drummers present at the opening. Teenagers all of them. If you care to look at nearly the end of the video, the gal in pink broke her DRUM STICK in half! thats how hard she was playing them!!!

The second video is of the Chinese orchestra playing at the center of the building.

Yay! another new place to hang out in town. I cant wait for the cinemas to open! finally!