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trip 02 in 2008

yeah.. just came back from a short and hectic work trip to Kuala Lumpur.

I went on Saturday (27-01-2008) by AirAsia and came back last nite on (29-01-2008) by MAS. I actually wanted to go over on Saturday, but I had a wedding reception to attend.

Day 1 (Sunday)

Me and my colleague Darren flew from KCH, and another (Liong) flew from Miri. After reaching LCCT, we waited for Liong and then we headed down to Eastin Hotel.

After checking in, I went to 1Utama with Siew Pao and Carey. Where I spent about RM 750.00 on clothing and shoes. :P yeah, never did I buy so much worth in one afternoon... in about 3 hours time. Oh well... there was a lot of sales going on, the items I bought ranged from 10% - 50%. On top of that, Siew Pao had like all discount cards to nearly all the shops there!! >.<" oh well. Then Jia Yong picked us up and we headed for dinner at Asia Cafe (?) I think thats wat its called, near Taylors collage Sunway area. Then it was back to the hotel! zzzzzz!!

Day 2 (Monday)

Next day it was work work work. We had a full day of training till about 4 pm. We got off early as we were missing some components so we could not do a hands on. =] We went to dinner with the bosses at a restaurant called Bali. Whole team turn up, about 30 over persons. Oh and thanks to Raymond who turned up with the Flash Diffusers, which we had gathered for purchase amongst our photo kaki's.

After dinner a few guys and our operations manager went to get some beers at Hartamas. Incidentally met his friend and my gosh, they sure like to drink. Yes~ I admit, I puked. Heaps! =.= I still dont understand, fun mey like dat.. haha anyways got back to the hotel just before midnight, and crashed till about 2am, where my room mates from JB and PG came back. Chatted a bit and zz..

Day 3 (Tuesday)

I started the day with a hangover. Had no appetite for breakfast, had half boil eggs, then we were in training / meeting whole morning. zzzz.... boringz.... den had lunch at 2pm. back to office and meeting some more.

Our flight was at 8.40pm. So we arranged pickup from our hotel at 6pm. Luckily we hired a bigger taxi, those MPV type. As one of other region's rep didnt book and we had extra seat for him. But his room mate, was going to LCCT had not made arrangements, he had no ride. So I asked our taxi driver to call his office to arrange for one for the stranded rep. The taxi was there in less than 5 mins as there was one nearby. I guess it was not his luck cos the taxi picked up the wrong passenger. Well to cut the story short we got him another taxi which arrived much later, and in the end, he didnt make the flight and had to stay overnight. Sad.

So we checked in. Had dinner, hanged around a bit and went to the boarding area. When I approached the area, I saw a familiar face. Tze Lei, was there reading a novel. haha. She was in PG then KL and was going back to KCH. We chatted a bit and boarded the plane. We had a delay as there was 2 missing passengers. And the crew had to unload their luggage. =] Another missed their flights. 1 hour 45 mins later we were back in KCH!

My dad came and fetch me from the airport. And when I got home there was a package for me. Hmmm... curious... upon closer inspection it was a package from JPS (Jabatan Pengairan & Saliran). Few months back I joined one of their competition introduced to my by Alex.

*Eh? JPS?*

So I open it up to find a beach towel and certificate.

*who is GARALD LIM ??*

Oh yay... they got my name wrong. hahaha, it seems I have won the consolation prize for the Pertandingan Fotografi persona Pantai Malaysia. Check out the website at http://photo.water.gov.my. I guess its better than nothing. But why didn't even notify the winners at all. No letters of notification, how was the photos selected? by whom? where is it now? what will happen to it?

Oh well at least I got a free beach towel~ w00t~!!!