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In reference to my previous posting Import from USA.

So finally today I drop by again to the Post Office (Parcel Department) to collect my DOMKE Camera bag. I reached there around 1.30pm. Guess what, they were closed for lunch. And their lunch hour was from 12 noon till 2pm! *__* so i drove to a nearby location to have my lunch, lousy chicken rice! yuck!

So when the finaly came back to work I was shown the parcel. Then I was asked to OPEN the parcel. Fine. Then I showed them whats inside. I’m as curious, I dont know what it looks like :-P online purchase mar! 1st time bah! One of the officers said oh, this is a CONTAINER. I told them its a BAG. The elder officer insisted its a container. -___- was I living on another planet here? from where I come from, containers are usually do not refer to bags, cos if they wanted to refer to a bag, they just refer to it as a bag! goodness!! then the officer left, leaving the younger officer who started click his trusty calculator.

He looked at the packing, which shows the price(US$100.00) of the item and the cost of shipping(US$25.00). After a few clicks he came out with the figure RM 350.00. WHAT THE! I started to panic at this point of time, cos if it was anything more than RM 50.00 I’m going to request they send it back to USA. I do not want it :-P Anyways, he said “wait… I still have not finished calculating”. I’m like WTF! Still got some more!?!

So while he was happily clicking away, he asked some casual questions,

Officer: So this container/bag(at least he knows its a bag) is to store items. *Of course it is! if not what is it used for!?!? Are you kidding me?!*

Me: Yeah for my camera.

Officer: Oh~? Can store camera?

Me: Umm.. yeah, its a camera bag *me points to the brochure that came with the packing*

Officer: Oh! like that no tax or duty. -______-

Me: Oh? Cool… *grinning* ^_________________________^

So finally I got the CAMERA BAG without paying any taxes or duties… SHEESH