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import from USA

well few months back, when I was starting my photographic phase, I went online and was looking for a bag to fit all my photo gear. Found some decent gear online, and a friend from the states recommended some bags. So one thing lead to another and he said he would purchase it for me. As a gift! Wah! So nice!

So anyways, received a note from customs office that there is a package in their office and asked me to go collect. -___-" gift also need to kena tax mey ? haiz... then I was in office whole day, quite busy as I was missing in action for about 3 days from work. I wanted to leave at 330 pm. but it was pouring so I waited a bit. Left office at 4pm and drove down to the customs office. When I reach there, the people told me that the office closes at 4pm. WTF?! they expect everyone take leave just to see them is it? the rest of us no need to work is it?

Pissed! didnt get my bag. didnt know how much the tax is. got wet! and very hungry now. not going to gym la... no mood!