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back from penang

Had a good and mouth watering holiday trip down to Penang. Actually I just got off the plane!

I was there from 29th August till 2nd of September. But 29th does not count, cos I reach there at 9pm or so... so didn't get to do much. I stayed with Say Hai (online friend) apartment. Crashed on the living room for 4 nites. Damn cold. Anyways, after putting my luggage at his apartment, we went out SS area, and had some beer. Saw many Penang hot chicks! :)~~~ went back around 2am.

On the 30th Aug also didn't do much as Say Hai, had to work. So he left me at Queensbay Mall to fend for meself!! Argh! I was so bored walking around, saw Borders, found two camera magazine, hmm... 2 books total costing me RM 65.80. I hope I learn something from it!!! Then Say Hai's friend, Devona, flew in from KL. So she too bunked at the apartment. Anyways, while walking around Queensbay Mall, I called my colleague, Yip. So he came down from work and we terus go HAPPY HOUR at 5.30 PM in the afternoon!!! wow. I never drank so early before. Feels strange~ oh well, new experiences :-) after we finished our happy hour, we went for dinner at Northam Seafood. Finished up nearly 11pm already. Went back to the apartment and went back out at 1130. Was hoping to go find Say Hai, to celebrate National Day. But, while being stuck in a jam, me and Yip, decided to detour to a coffee shop. Well thats more of my scene anyways. So we sat there till around 2am. Ken, was suppose to join us for coffee, but the cellphone networks were down, so he could not contact me till 2 am! by that time I was heading home.

31st August. Me, Say Hai, and Devona, went to Kek Lok Si Temple. Spent the whole afternoon there. Around evening time, Ken finally drop by. I finally had a taste of the "famous" Penang Asam Laksa. Not too bad, I like it, spicy, but tolerable. I went back and had a quick shower and went out with Ken to his yearly BBQ on top of a mountain, where there are no running water and no electricity -_-". The best part, its jungle terrain, just like those four by four adventure team or something. The view is not too bad, but the weather was not permitting. It was a bit hazy. :-( so I didn't get any decent shots with my camera. Well, using his tripod, I manage to get some interesting shots. Will upload once complete processing. So we went back around 2 am. I msged Say Hai asking where he was. I got no reply, so I called him. His cellphone had no signal. OMG! I think to myself, must be low batt! I reached the apartment and waited for him at the stairs for 45 mins. -_- then he and Devona and his house mate turned up, blur from alcohol. *sigh* what to do, I tumpang peoples house mar!

1st August, went out pretty early, had breakfast with my Uncle, auntly, and cousins. Had something called Loh Mien(another spicy dish). Then went to Pragin Mall. A very sad looking mall which has past its prime. Many shops were closed. But a few were still around. I finally met Cecilia again after 3 years. She drop by and picked up from Pragin Mall. Wow. She looked better from my memory! Hawt! We went for lunch, and then hooked up with her friend Crystal. Then we went to Gurney Plaza. Then headed to a Tea House in Pulau Tikus. Then Crystal left for a wedding dinner, so me and Cecilia, went to the botanical garden, cos I told her I wanted to take some photos! Well, the weather was gloomy, so didnt take anything. Blah! then we headed to The Esplanade. The place was quite scenic, BUT 2 mins after we reached there, it started to rain! Blah! So we went to makan dinner at Lovers Lane, no really there is a lane called Lovers Lane there. It so happens that the Curry Mee (yet another spicy meal) was good. So we meet up with Sim Yee, another old friend of mine whom I have not seen in 3 years as well. Sad, didn't get to meet her 1 yr old daughter. Anyways, after dinner, Say Hai and Devona came and pick me up, and we headed to Ferringghi. Heaps of cheap pirated DVD's over there. 10 pieces for RM 40 and they throw in a extra one for you. Only issue is you cant test the discs there. After contributing to our local economy. We headed down the and stopped by a secluded abandoned area to take some photos. Made some funny light writing and experimenting with the shutter and aperture.

2nd September. Well woke up quite early 8am and headed out makan Dim Sum with my uncle and co. then we went to buy some Beh Teh Soh and some local kuehs~ then went to the Snake Temple. and then the temple with the sleeping buddha. Had the famous Nasi Kandar(spicey). well after that went back to the apartment and shower and got ready for the flight back home.

So here I am, back home! yay! hungry! -__-

xien, tomorrow have to work!