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oh fuck!

so last nite finally got the hard disk to run. moved all image files over. Cos I plan to use it as a dedicated image storage hard disk. then this morning ran Adobe Bridge. Only to find some corrupted files. Hmm.... I got curios, opened up the folders, OF FUCK! nearly 70% of the images were corrupted! Some how during transfer, windows XP substituted some bits and bytes and my files go crazy.

my most valuable albums from Redang and Penang CORRUPTED! I feel its the best albums yet, cos the scenery was fantastic. And I was getting better at understanding my Nikon. :-( I sat in front of my PC stunned whole morning. Even my mom said I was blur the whole day. I was annoyed and very agitated.

I went to play badminton just now, played like a total noob cos I couldn't focus... den after the match, Sung Poh said a comment, why didn't you buy locally? I can get RM 230.00 (I bought at RM 270.00 few days ago cos there was a price hike), I got quite annoyed, I mean once you buy and item whats the point of keeping on checking the price, obviously the price will keep dropping. WHAT THE FUCK! There is a saying in Cantonese, "Yi kor ji, jao mou hak yii" If we know, then there would be no beggars. Meaning if we knew what we know now, then we would have done things differently in the past.

Till now I'm not sure if the hard disk is faulty or not. Or its some other issues which I dont understand.

How frustrating. I'm going to bed. stressed the whole day!