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back from redang

wow... yet another weekend trip out of town!

I went to Redang with my colleagues and friends. It was planned about 2-3 month ago. The location was spectacular. The staff were very friendly and funny as well.

I flew to KL on last Friday and came back to Kuching yesterday night. I'm so lazy to back track the blog so I'll just write all the drama's down in one post!

7th September 2007 - Friday
I reached LCCT at about 745pm and waited for Nick to come and pick me up. I was expecting to go directly down to Damansara. BUT, Nick has gotten busy and found a girl friend (Virginia) about a month ago. And had to drive to her home town and pick up Virginia's sister. And Virginia was joining us in Redang. Nick being the safe driver that he is, drove at an alarmingly sleepy pace of 60km/h. Making a 50min journey into a 2 hours ordeal. To cut the story short, when I reached his apartment, it was nearly 2am and our flight was 7am.

8th September 2007 - Saturday
Woke up at 5am. Nick didn't sleep cos he was afraid that he could not wake up and he had to fetch Virginia who was staying in Klang. Me, I had a short sleep for 2 hours plus. Better than nothing I guess. Can sleep a bit in the taxi and on the plane. Took a quick shower and went down to the gates where the taxi was waiting. Downstairs, we met up with Danny (Carey's BF). We quickly jumped into the taxi and off we go to LCCT.

We reached the airport around 6am plus. Checked in and had our McDonalds breakfast. And time flies quickly and we were on our way to Terengganu. The flight was a short 40-50mins. We landed and took our luggage. And sat around waited for the rest to arrive. They were using MAS as they purchased their tickets earlier than the four of us.

Off to Terengganu

They showed up around 1030am. So we all proceeded into the coach which was waiting for us to the jetty. Jumped into the express boat, and powered out into the coast. The journey took like one hour plus, at least 1 hour 20 mins. I can't tell, I didn't bring my watch and I was too tired to bother.

Finally we arrived at our destination just after 1pm. We drop our bags in our rooms and went for lunch.

Great view

After having lunch we went snorkeling at 3pm. Got back to the resort about 1 hours later or so. Shower, rested. The guys played some volleyball and soccer, I went around shooting them playing volleyball and soccer.

At dinner time, Nick and Virginia were still sleeping! I tried to wake them, but they just kept sleeping. And the slept for 16 hours straight! After dinner, went and played some pool. And I headed to bed. Cos I didn't have much sleep the night before. And on Friday work was hell (stressed). And I missed out this! Check the video below of Loke.

Wahahaha! The fellow damn joker !

9th September 2007 - Sunday
We headed out to the Marine Park after an early breakfast. It was awesome, there were so many fish around, schools and schools of them. Each of us we were given a loaf bread to feed them. At first I was throwing them about, then I started to hold the bread and feed them. What do you know, some enormous fish came thru from the traffic jam and bite my thumb! hahaha I was caught surpised, but there were no cuts or anything. Then the fish went back down to the corals and started moving stones... WTF... I floated about looking at it for about 3 mins, hmm... boring... moved on after that.

We got back to our resort just after lunch, had some food and lazed around till 5pm something. Then we went off to see baby sharks. We swam out, and we found it swimming about. That was quite exciting. But it didn't stay in one location for long, so by the time most of the gang came about it was gone. Seems like it was petrolling its area or something.

Can you see the shark?

So we swam about looking for it again, and I spotted it again. I tried to keep up, but it was bloody tiring. After a while we all gave up. I saw a cute lil jelly fish, swimming in front of me. Shocked again by the sight of it. It was no bigger than a Nokia6300 in length. heh~ cute.

All of us was heading back to shore when I spotted a baby octopus. ^__^ well from what I saw on the National Geographic, they can grow quite big. Anyways it was moving about, changing color to match the terrain. So I tagged along. Then suddenly out of nowhere, another appeared! and basically covered the 1st octopus. Then slowly let go of it, but with 2 tentacles still latched to it. The 1st one was changing color like neon lights. waves after waves color, well just black and white. But its like shock or something. Only two things came to mind, either they were mating or 1st one is being poisoned and going to be dinner!

I finally came to shore, to find that Siew Pao, had hurt her feet. She had kicked a coral while swimming. There was a wound about 1.5cm on her feet and the skin around the area had turned white. She was weeping in pain.

Went back to the room, showered while the rest played doctor and for some reason cut some of the flesh around the wound and applied antiseptic. Was that the correct way? I have no idea. Made no sense to me. Cos there was no poison, just irritates. Oh well, better safe than sorry I guess.

So after dinner, played a game of pool. And then, went to beach party! organised by the resort. Heh~ everyone was so shy, just standing about, only our group was monkeying about. We had brought our own liqueur(Jack Daniels). But purchased the mixers at the bar. I was kind of tipsy, and I some how manage to spill two persons drinks! I was refilling for one of them, when I placed back the cup, it kind of fell. Whoops! The second one, I was looking at someones shoes and knocked the drink out of her hand... LOL!

It was fun. At the end of it around 1am. I was basically asleep at the deck. Head was pounding like hell. I think I left some saliva on the deck. hehehe. I got myself back to the room, drank heaps of water and slept.

Oh what a night!

10th September - Monday
Last day of the trip. Woke up late, there was no breakfast. Had some coffee and some biscuits. Then walked to anther resort. To visit the movie location for Summer Holiday. Starring Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng. Walked a bit took photos. And back to our resort.

Mo Mo Cha?

Had lunch, took even more photos, some guys played mahjong. I played cards. Lost RM 4.00! Drats! Then we took group photos.

idiot Nick was pulling my ear!

Finally the boat came and we left at around 2pm. Reached the mainland, and headed to the travel agency rest house. Walked around to find some food. Got lost~ nearly missed the coach. Took the plane and flew back to Kuala Lumpur.

Virginia's elder brother was kind enough to give us a lift from the airport. We headed to her home, she set her things down, and we jumped into her younger brothers car. And he sent us to Nick's apartment. We said our goodbyes to Virginia. Dropped our stuff in the apartment and went for a super late night supper, nasi lemak near sea park! One of the best nasi lemak's I have had in Malaysia! Got back to the apartment around 1.40 am. Went online for a while and then to bed.


Whew, took me 5 hours to blog this post. Time includes break time, watch movie time and edit photo time. hehehe. I hope someone actually reads it! time for another movie!


Note : Found a good resource just now - http://www.redang.org/