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yay! back in kuching!

It was great meeting up with Gavin, Daniel, Carey, Raymond, Nick, Ian, Nigel, the rest of GRA and George in Kuala Lumpur. Missed out in meeting Sherene. Her grandpa passed away on the day we were supposed to meet. :( poor her.

Finally manage to meet up with Simon, Edy and Lina as well. I hope I can make a decision in time. Bah!

In any case this round I spent quiet a fair bit =\

  1. Belt - RM 80.00
  2. Microsoft Laser 6000 Mouse - RM 160.00
  3. 1GB SD memory card - RM 49.00
  4. USB Hub - RM 10.00
  5. Books (3) - RM 110.00 *and i lost the receipt!!! argh!*
  6. Tee-Shirts (3) - RM 125.00
  7. Nike Sports Gloves - RM 59.00
  8. CK Eternity - RM 207.00
Totaling about RM 720.00. This is not yet inclusive of taxi, food and beverages. Which would probably bring up the figure to nearly RM 1,000.00

I'm quite happy because I got my mouse for my laptop. Been using this cheesy RM 10.00 mouse for a while. Its so inaccurate it annoys me to bits! The Tees were impulse purchase. Went to body glove shop, they had a sale, 1st item was 20% off.. and subsequent items were 50% ! Must buy lar like that! I want to buy some more, but their choices were not appealing to me. I guess Im just too old already. I was happy to go into the rockers corner. Where everyone dressed in black with satanic images imprinted on their shirts lol. yeah.. feels at home! Now adays the kids follow the asian styling. from Japan, Taiwan and Korea. cute, but not my style.

Oh well...back to work!