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photo outing


this is the first time I have been out with so many photographers. many of them are SPAS members. Some are just the forum members. Anwyays it was good and educational trip for me. In terms of photography and networking. Metting new poeple is kinda fun :) Total there were 11 people. 8 photographers. and 1 wanna be photographer (me).

Just finished transfering hopefully I captured something worthy. Its great to shoot with those who know their stuff, as they consistantly give pointers, even tho I have no idea what they were talking about half of the time. 8-)

I nearly didn't make it, cos I slept at 330am or so and I had to wake up around 630am. Cos we were meeting other members at 7pm at MJC township. Had breakfast there and we left around 8am. Then we drove about 40mins to the location only to find that it does not open till 9am.

We came back around 1230pm and headed for lunch. very tired now... I wonder when is my operations manager going to call me about my appraisal. He was suppose to call me this morning. Hmm... damn... does this mean I'm not getting a pay raise? *sigh* I hope not. I have many photographic equipment to own! Urgently!

Over all I was getting more familiar with my d80. Its the first time I shot 380 images in one outing. Normally I do about 40-100. This round, OVERTIME! :-) Im pretty impressed with the battery. EN-EL3e. After 400 shots battery was only at 48%! I was reading a review about it last night, and the reviewer said he can shoot about 800 - 1,400 shots on one full charge!! So today I purposely didn't bring the extra battery. The more I use the d80, the more I like it. I guess finally we are getting to know aquiented :)

So tired, will look thru the photos later after a rest.


nyek... here are 3 photos!