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leaving tomorrow for Kuala Lumpur yet again. This time for a meeting. Was suppose to be back by Wednesday but by itchy bum extended the stay another 3 nights. So I'm coming back on Saturday. Then I realized, I have been spending too much MONEY already! I have only paid 50% of my camera(Nikon D80)! OMG! where is my brain! what was I thinking!

actually I was thinking of Gavin. HEY! He is my war (game) buddy from long ago don't get naughty thoughts in your head! He drops by every two years or so from Melbourne. This trip he only stayed for 2 days in Kuching. He said it was so boring that he didn't know what to do anytime. So he is off enjoying himself in Bangkok. I hope he is okay, I hear that there is some riots happening. Anyways, he will be in KL by Wednesday, so since I'm there, why not! I need to clear some of my leave before it all goes down the toilet once my work contract ends.

well time to go to bed. Only have 5 hours to go before I have to wake up and get ready for flight! OMG! just realised I have not PACKED! OMG! What a blunder!