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the story continues... (again)

Right... so on day two at Club Med Cherating. After a buffet breakfast, we went out to an open area for some telematch.

We were broken up into four teams. Amazing Apple, Crazy Cucumbers, Dynamic Durians, and Mad Mango. I was in the Dynamic Durians, with Freddie, Regina, Carey, Gabriel, Edward, and many other fun characters.

There was a total of six games. But each group had too many people therefore they split each group into group A and group B. That made 8 groups. Each group contribute points to the main group. Meaning Amazing Apple score = Amazing Apple A points + Amazing Apple B points. Then there is something called the Joker. This is basically selecting a game in which you think you will win at and if you do win it, the team will gain 2times more points. Eg 80 points becomes 160 points.

The first game required us to make our war-cry in 5mins. And all we could come up with was durian durain durian.. .. -.- I'm not surprised as those who lead were from the admin staff, if only those creative people from design or marketing department stood up and gave some ideas, I'm sure we could have done better.

The rest of the games I didn't participate, as it only required 5 - 10 people.. we had 20+ people in our team!!! -_____-

Therefore I want and grab my camera and started clicking away. On the 1st day I took about 5 images... the second day about 200+ It was a nice experience for me to test drive my camera in a "sports" scenario. A lot of panning and zooming about. Many photos came out like rubbish as I had totally no clue on what setting / mode to use. Sometimes I tried manual, sometimes auto, sometimes aperture priority, sometimes shutter priority, and sometimes everything automatic. It was quite challenging as well especially during the last game, where people were running around franticly and falling all over the place from spinning themselves silly around the cones. The field was about the size of a proper soccer field, and I was on one end of it. Therefore I did not manage to capture the other side.

Well, photos are already uploaded to Multiply.com. Took me 3 days to go thru all the photos. Almost complete, the final album has not been completed.

I'm sick, I think I better go rest my brain now...

...to be continued... again...