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Well its now 4 am in the morning. Yesterday I went to see the doctor because I had flu and was coughing for a few days. So last night after dinner, I took the medication and went to bed about an hour later. Woke up around 1.30 am quite thirsty but refreshed for the first time in weeks. Came down to check mail, check multiply and my site. Nothing new... Hmm... surfed a bit, went back to bed. It was quite hot in my room.

So I there I was rolling around thinking about the past few months since I started work. And how much I have changed. Time sure flies, 6 months ago, I was a bum. Nothing to do and without a care in the world. Now I have an income, I have work, I made a lot of new friends, and I had interesting encounters with people. Good ones and bad ones. It has always been a fear of mine when dealing with people. I hate people. They hate me. hahaha. I hate them because people are complex, and you do not know what they are thinking. They might be friendly in front of you and then when you turn around they come and back stab you. I guess they hate me too because I'm so unpredictable, moody and overreacting.

Most of the time I say stuff and I forget what I said. By doing so I hurt people with my words without realizing it. I seem to piss off many people over the years.


I guess its in my destiny code. When I was in KL for about 3 weeks for training of the Data Migration. I saw this fortune teller. He said, I have a flair for artistic stuff, eg, cooking, drawing and creating stuff. Sounds alright too me. Then he said, I cry when I watch EMO movies. Umm. yeah I do.. really I do. Just no one sees them cos they were crying too !!! He said the worse part about me is I hurt people with my words without realizing it and without remorse for what I said. Well I had a suspicion about that for a while now, then when he told me, I realized it was kind of true. My words have always been venomous. That is why I'm selective with my friends. Not many out there can stand me. I think. Maybe I'm wrong.

Ahh... well... just to get things out of my blunder of a brain. The newspaper boy just came.. hmmm 4.12 am. time to try and hit the sack again. mmm Im hungry.


ps. I lost weight, I'm now 72kg! but I have slightly high blood pressure. Hmm.. does not sound too good now does it. I think I need to be careful of what I eat.