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ok ok finally the long awaited 3rd part and final chapter in the Club Med Cherating company trip.

Anyways we the DYNAMIC DURIANS won the telematch! YAY! GO DURAINS!

~Fellow Durains~

~ Whoopsie ~

~ very hot weather~

The weather was extremely hot that day, but we all manage to pull through it. And for our hard work, we got an umbrella. That would have come in handy BEFORE the telematch started!

Anyways, we finished up around noon, and then we were free to do what ever we felt like at the resort. Some immediately hit the bar right after lunch, Im pretty sure I saw a few there before lunch as well... tsk tsk... they sure know how to enjoy themselves.

After lunch, I headed up to the beach with the other team leaders. Took a small 'train' ride to the beach(about 5 mins ride). The beach was nice, I was a bit disappointed with myself for not bringing the camera along, as I wanted to enjoy the beach :-( *sigh* I was at the beach for the better part of the afternoon. It was awesome.

Went back to the hotel, took a bath and went for dinner. After dinner, Carey and the rest of the admin ppl wanted to go swimming in the pool at NIGHT! I was like HUH? Swim? After dinner? at night?! SOUNDS GREAT! I took off my shirt and jumped in! SPLaSH! hahaha!

~ Me and Carey ~

Actually it was kind of creepy swimming at night. Especially when the other end of the pool was kind of shaded from light. But then again with good company its always good.

~ da pool ~

I swam for quite a fair bit, I love swimming. Too bad I don't have the stamina or the breath like I used to. *sigh* We went back around midnight. I slept like a log.

Woke up next morning around 6am to take sunrise... but the morning sky was extremely cloudy. It was so dark, gloomy and dull :`( anyways, went back to the room around 830am and showered and then headed to breakfast. After that went to the beach with my trusty camera AHAHAHA!! took one or two shots there and then went back to the room packed and move the luggage to the reception area.

Had lunch and we all pilled into the coach back to KL. yet another 4 hours ride. Cherating to KL. Then another hour to KLIA and another 1 hour 45 mins to reach Kuching. What a trip!

~ he was pretty distraught cos we were leaving hahaha~

Well finally its over... the trip.. the posts~ :-) I hope I didn't miss out anything.

Weh... still got RWMF to blog about ! argh! im backlogged!


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