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I was trying to login all day yesterday from my house to blogger.com but some how connection was so slow that every time I tried, it timed out.

In any case, I wanted to blog about me finally signing up for gym. Previously my excuse is that I can't find time. Was actually thinking of knocking off earlier and getting to the gym but the nature of my job is not fixed. At any time of the day I might be required to do some reports. So my time for gym now is right after work till around 8pm.

I just hope I can keep it up!

Anyways I just came back from a brisk walk in Kuching old town. 15 mins walk to the Sarawak Tourism office. Stood in queue for about 10 mins to get tickets for the Rainforest world Music Festival 2007. Yes, finally after 10 years, I'm going to my 1st rain forest. Hahaha I know sad, locals dont go for it. Well what can I say, its designed for tourists! Milk the tourist $$$. hehehe. I'll be going with Nick and his friends. I hope I can go and take some photos and not be drunk or something.

Awesome! Can't wait! Whoops... back to work