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---Day 1---

So I woke up around 5.30 am in the morning. Blur and tired. Took a warm shower and quick dump. By the time I checked out and every thing, it was nearly 6.00 am. Then me and the rest of my colleagues headed towards the gathering point.

We hang around there and waited for everyone to gather till around 6.45am. At which time we proceeded to board the coaches. There were all in all 4 coaches waiting for us in front of our office. As it turned out one fellow woke up late, and he made us wait 1 hour! doh! If I had known I would have slept a bit later then :)

The journey was long one. As the coach had many pit stops. 1 every hour. When we reached Club Med around 1.00pm. We waited outside for another two coaches, one from Penang and another from Johor. All in all there were 6 coaches and 3 cars.

Finally around 2.00 pm or so we were allowed in and we got our room keys and all the things sorted out and proceed to company annual "review". That took out the rest of the afternoon. When we finished it was about 7.00pm.

After dinner, we watched a show performed by the staff. It was quite entertaining, cheap trills. Anyways, they started to sing and many people followed and what you know, we had a party~I must say the MC is pretty good at getting the crowd going. I had heaps of fun. Oh well, no one knew who I was so no point of being reserved right? Just let go and relax! :)

At about 1.00am or so, I went to Mr Yips room to play some poker. Well I didn't play cos I forgot to bring my wallet, I just stayed till 2.00 am and watched the others play.

Well so much for day 1. I'll update with more photos once I get them sorted out.

To be continued...